Dry Vapour Unit | Odor Control System

The Dry Vapor Unit (D.V.U.) is an innovative system that is used to neutralize odors. The D.V.U. is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as waste disposal sites, wastewater treatment plants, sewage sludge storage and processing plants, composting facilities, factories in various sectors with odor production and soil remediation projects.

The D.V.U. system works on the basis of dry evaporation of a odor-reducing liquid that leaves no humidity in the treated area. This is a huge advantage over the traditional misting systems that depend on water as a carrier for the odor neutralizer

Main Features of the Dry Vapor Unit

  • No need for water
  • Can be implemented almost everywhere (inside buildings, open terrain, chimneys and ventilation systems)
  • Direct action
  • Easy to install and operate
  • No need for large odour neutraliser storage tanks or ventilators
  • Economical in use
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