QM Environmental Services Netherlands supplies various cleaning solutions. These solutions are based on microbial and environmentally friendly cleaners.

The QM cleaning product line is the result of years of research that has led to a unique range of natural, microbial, biodegradable cleaning and maintenance products for use in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and other locations of hospitality companies such as restaurants, hotels, spa resorts. , holiday parks, sports halls, healthcare facilities such as hospitals & nursing homes, schools and other commercial or public institutions.

Each product has been carefully formulated to ensure that neither performance nor environmental awareness, hygiene and safety is compromised when the products are used. The product line includes floor and surface cleaning, toilet group maintenance and odor control products. Each product is packaged for easy use, either by maintenance personnel or service providers.

QM-EcoGard for green scaling removal

QM-EcoGard was used as a test in 2017 to remove green deposits on a concrete edge of a sewage treatment plant. QM-EcoGard proved to be very effective in cleaning the concrete and after 9 months the treated part was cleaner than the surrounding concrete edge. QM-EcoGard was used on a large scale in 2018 to clean the concrete surfaces of the sewage treatment plant.

Since QM-EcoGard is a completely biological product, it does not pose a risk to biological purification.

Immediately after cleaning in May 2017

Situation in October 2017

Situation in January 2018

QM-OSC cleans the floor in the industrial hall with rubber and oil deposits

QM-OSC is used to clean the floor in a company hall with a lot of forklift traffic. Soot from truck and fork lift exhaust fumes and rubber from tires contaminated the floor and when the floor got wet, a dangerously slippery floor was formed. The purpose of the cleaning was to remove this contamination so that the floor became clean and rough again and the white lines on the floor became visible again.

Since QM-OSC uses cleaners in combination with bacteria that break down oils and other organic components, it works in both the short and long term and the surface is deeply cleaned.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

MicroCat®-ECL cleans carpete floor in passenger train

A soiled carpet floor in a passenger train was effectively cleaned with MicroCat®-ECL.

MicroCat®-ECL is a cleaner based on fermented plant extracts. During fermentation, enzymes and vegetable soaps are created that are very effective in emulsifying and breaking down dirt residues. This allows the product to penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet and ensures that the original color of the carpet is restored and a pleasant scent remains.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning


Our products can be used at almost any location. The products are harmless and consist of safe micro-organisms and non-corrosive cleaners of natural or synthetic origin with a very high degree of biodegradability.

For more information, please contact one of our product specialists.

MicroCat®-BFL  is a liquid specialist microbial surface cleaner for kitchens with slippery floors as a result of grease residues. The bacteria in the product eat the grease residues in the pores and joints of the floor, so that the floor regains its natural roughness. Can be used in addition to the traditional floor cleaner (1x per week) or as a replacement. Dosage for heavily soiled floors 64 ml per liter of mopping water. For lightly soiled floors, use 32 ml per liter of mopping water. Available in 5 liter jerrycans.

A liquid, pH neutral, enzymatic General Purpose / Degreaser based on fermented plant extracts for cleaning all types of surfaces. Wood, plastic, tiles, metal, aluminum and carpets are all cleaned of dirt and grease with MicroCat ® -ECL. The cleaning of extractor hoods and grease filters in catering kitchens is also excellent with this product. Use neat or 1 in 10 dilution in water on heavily soiled surfaces or 1 in 30 for standard cleaning. Available in 5 L jerrycans
MicroCat ®-FL is a foaming microbial cleaner that is ideally suited for use in polluted and smelly drains from the beer tap, soft drink machines and sinks and hard-to-reach corners behind bar furniture where dirt accumulates and where sewer flies can reproduce. Is applied with a pressure sprayer. Available in 5 L jerrycans.
A specialist viscous cleaner for bathroom drains in hotel rooms. These drains will start to smell if the rooms have not been used for some time. The bacteria in the product clean the inner walls of the drains so that the dirt residues that cause this odor are removed and the drain no longer smells. Dose manually with a spray bottle. Available in 5 L jerry cans with dispenser (for filling the spray bottle).
QM-BioBlock is a urinal block that can be used as a replacement for chemical blocks. Chemical urinal blocks only camouflage the urine odor but the QM-BioBlock really breaks down the compounds that cause the odor. This not only ensures less smell, but also prevents the formation of urinary stone deposits on the inside of the urinal and drain. QM-BioBlock is available in jars of 40 tablets.
QM-UrineSmell Killer – This  microbiological deodorizer has been specially developed to neutralize urine odors. Toilets in primary schools, but also public toilets in sports halls, swimming pools, libraries, etc .. often have to contend with urine stench from floors. QM-UrineSmell Killer removes and prevents these odors through the action of bacteria that break down urine stone and urea residues. These residues are on the tile or in the joints and can continue to form stench for a long time, but due to the action of the bacteria in QM-UrineSmell Killer they are removed and the stench disappears. QM-UrineSmell Killer is available in 1 L spray bottles and 10 liter refills.
QM-EcoGard is an organic green scale cleaner that is the perfect alternative to the harmful caustic cleaners currently on the market and which are often sold as organic. QM-EcoGard contains natural vinegar in combination with fermented plants and algae extracts. This is a 100% natural product that can be used as a cleaner for tiled floors, wooden decking, fences, walls, roofs, etc ..who experience green scaling.  QM-EcoGard is supplied in 5 L jerry cans.
QM-OSC is a microbiological cleaner for driveways, parking lots, industrial halls and garage floors with oil stains. The bacteria in QM-OSC penetrate the floor and break down the oil residues there so that there is a long-lasting effect that ensures that the stain actually disappears and does not come back after a while. QM-OSC is available in 10 L jerry cans.