About QM Environmental Services Nederland


About QM Environmental Services Nederland

QM Environmental Services Nederland specializes in biotechnological and chemical solutions for environmental problems in soil, water and air. QM Environmental Services Nederland is part of QM Environmental International (link to www.qmes.eu) group which is active throughout Europe. QM Environmental Services Nederland offers a wide range of solutions for the environment which are the result of decades of research in the field of environmental biotechnology and chemical technology. This research has enabled a range of solutions to accelerate the removal of contaminants in waste water, soil and groundwater, surface waters, sludge / slurry and air. When QM Environmental Services Nederland is presented with a problem it tries to find the friendliest environmental solution. This means that during development of products and applications the positive yield for the environment is always an important factor. The final product or application is a combination of cost efficiency and environmental yield.


Product safety

The biotechnological products offered by QM Environmental Services Nederland comply with the EU Directive 2000/54 on the protection of workers against the risks of work-related biological agents at work. (Article 2. Definitions (a) “biological agent of Group 1: an agent of which it is unlikely that it may cause a disease in humans;”) Intensive inspection before, during and after production of ingredients and end products, ensures the safety for humans, flora and fauna. The whole process from production to quality control is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Our team

The team of QM Environmental Services Nederland has experience with wastewater treatment, biological soil remediation, surface water treatment, odour control, etc.

Robert Wagenveld


Robert has more than 20 years of experience with the application of microbial products in the field of waste water treatment, soil & groundwater remediation, algae control, odour control, sewer treatments, drain and grease trap treatments and manure treatments in pigs and chicken houses. He also has experience in the field of design and implementation of in situ soil remediation.

Robert graduated in 1994 in biotechnology at the Poly Technical Faculty of the HR & O in Rotterdam

Peter Reijnoudt


Peter has over 20 years of experience in commercial positions since graduating from the Hoge School Zeeland (HEAO-CE). Since January 2022, Peter has been active at QM Environmental Services Netherlands and is responsible for market development in the field of waste water purification, deodorization and co-digestion.