Slurry Treatment

During the treatment of waste water, residual flows are released that cannot be directly discharged or processed. 

In order to reduce the quantity to be processed, these residual streams are treated. The untreated processing of these residual streams is very costly and bad for the environment. In many cases it involves an aqueous stream of at least 80% water.

The treatment is done by adding coagulants and flocculants.

Small flocs are formed by the addition of coagulants, which are then “glued” together by flocculants. By forming large flocs the slurry can settle so that “free water” is created. Subsequently, a further dewatering can be chosen.

By using this technique, the amount of slurry to be discharged can be reduced by more than 95%.

QM Environmental Services Netherlands provides an extensive package of flocculants and coagulants, including Aquarel and QMFloc products, to treat your sludge in such a way that it is optimally dewatering and your costs for sludge processing and disposal remain minimal.

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