Industrial Wastewater Treatment

QM Environmental Services Nederland provides a wide range of solutions in the area of waste water treatment. Our products are formulated to solve operational problems in all steps involved in wastewater treatment, both primary, secondary and tertiary treatment steps. When used on a preventative maintenance bases our solutions can prevent problems from occurring.

QM Environmental Services Nederland B.V. offer solutions for the following operational problems:

  • Reduced removal of solids in primary treatment systems like DAF units and primary settlement tanks
  • Poor sludge settlement caused by filamentous microorganisms
  • Clogging of sludge lines due to fat, oil & grease (FOG) accumulation
  • FOG accumulation in aeration tanks
  • Reduced biological activity due to toxic compounds present in the influent
  • Excessive sludge production
  • Sludge wasting during extreme rainfall
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Phosphate removal
  • Reduced nitrification
  • Foaming
  • Sludge digestion
  • Odour

QM Environmental Services Nederland cooperates with its customers come to a cost-effective solution for operational wastewater treatment problems. Contact us for an informal conversation.

Our product range for Industrial Wastewater Treatment consists of:
Flocculants & coagulates
For flotation / suspended solids removal in the pre-treatment. For the removal of solids, lime and COD from the influent of oxidation basins.

Nutrients N+P
New: NH3-solution, as cost-effective alternative for urea. Achieves direct nitrogen introduction.
New: Sodium Phosphate-solution
Or classical: Urea and phosphate acid

Hardness stabilizers against limescale
For the protection of pipes, fittings, aerators and measuring instruments.

Coagulants for turbidity-causing substances and dyes

Slurry Conditioning
Polymers, iron- and aluminium salts for efficient dewatering of many types of sludges (e.g. wastewater treatment sludge, animal manure, etc…)

H2S & Odour Control in sewer networks, sludge storage, processing & discharge
Biologically effective additives prevent odours effectively and cost-effectively.

MicroCat®-ANL – A microbial fluid containing bacteria that cost-effectively prevent odours caused by H2S formation and rotting of organic material. It prevents nuisance in the environment of pumping stations and wastewater treatment tanks and prolongs the life span of these installations because H2S formation is prevented. In addition, the product works in primary purification and sludge processing.

MicroCat®-ANL is dosed into a sewage pumping station or primary settlement tank via our automatic dosing units on the basis of the average flow rate. The bacteria from the product colonize the network and multiply there. In comparison with chemical alternatives, a small amount of MicroCat®-ANL is required to keep a network of odour and H2S free.

Dry Vapour Unit
Atmospheric deodorization without water. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on sludge storage tanks, waste water treatment basins, sludge dewatering facilities and sludge transport.

Biological degradation tests (Aerobe / Anaerobe)
For detecting problems in the biological wastewater treatment.
Quick assistance with sludge loss and exceeding discharge limits
Aqaurel Precipitants / Flocculants: Our product range for improving sludge settlement, reducing sludge deviations and improving COD removal.

Biological Products for support
MicroCat® products for improvement of COD removal, nitrification / denitrification, start-up or restart of installations during commissioning or after inhibition by e.g. intoxication. Filemantous microorganism control, odour & H2S control, degradation of fats.

Anti-foaming agents
Direct effective foam reduction. Biodegradable for different forms of foam including foam caused by filamentous micro-organisms.

A wide range of dosing installations for the various products. Tailormade dosing technique.
Trace elements analysis / Optimization Methane yield
Problem analysis (Co, Mo, Ni, Se, …) and if necessary a proposal for supplement mixture.

Iron salts
Support for pellet formation and removal of toxic sulphide / H2S.

Under development: Aquarel Bio-coagulant
Fully biodegradable coagulant which binds suspended matter directly in the pellet sludge in the event of incidents.