Drain, Trap & Sewer Network Maintenance

QM Environmental Services Nederland supplies various solutions for keeping drains, grease separators and sewer networks free of clogging and odors. These solutions are suitable for both small-scale drains and grease separators in catering establishments, drainage pipes, pump wells and waste water buffer tanks in production facilities of food producers, as well as large-scale gravity and pressure sewers in municipalities and water boards.

Clogging problems in drains, grease traps, sewer lines and pumping stations caused by accumulation of animal and vegetal fats, oils and greases (FOG) cause nuisance for businesses and municipalities. Clogging never comes at a good time for business owners and result in high cleaning costs. For municipalities and water companies the maintenance costs for clogged lines and pumping stations can also be considerable and the produce nuisance to residents living in the area experiencing clogging and odours.

Treatment of a municipal pumping station with MicroCat®-BioPOP

The microbial MicroCat® products offered by QM Environmental Services Nederland have proven themselves in many applications in The Netherlands and abroad solving and preventing clogging problems in sewer networks of industries and municipalities. Our products work on a preventative basis, preventing clogging and foul odours from forming. This saves not just on the overall maintenance costs for the system but also prevents nuisance for the surrounding environment.

Before the treatment

After the treatment

H2S & Odour control in sewer networks with MicroCat®-ANL

MicroCat®-ANL offered by QM Environmental Services Nederland is a microbial liquid developed to reduce odours which occur in sewer lines and pumping stations. Odours escaping from these networks contain volatile fatty acids (VFA’s) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S), better known as rotten egg smell. H2S is a toxic gas which is not only dangerous to human health but also corrodes concrete and metal parts of the sewer network. H2S is created by the activity of sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB’s) which are naturally present in sewage and can proliferate under conditions when oxygen is absent. SRB’s breath sulphate and exhale sulphides which react with hydrogen to produce H2S. H2S occurs mostly in force main sewers where no air is present in the sewer lines.

MicroCat®-ANL contains microbes which degrade volatile fatty acids and convert sulphide into elemental sulphur (S0) thus preventing H2S from being formed.

MicroCat®-ANL dosing system in pumping station building.


Our products can be applied in drains, grease traps of restaurant and industrial kitchens. In drains, traps, buffer tanks, pumping stations in food industry and in municipal sewer networks.

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MicroCat®-ANL is liquid mixture containing selected, adapted heterotrophic bacteria for the degradation of the volatile fatty acids and photolithoautotrophic and chemolithoautotrophic bacteria for converting sulphides into elemental sulphur under anoxic conditions. The product is formulated for use in sewage, sludge, compost, contaminated soils and surface waters to reduce odours and enhance biodegradation under oxygen limiting conditions.

The bacteria in MicroCat®-ANL degrade volatile fatty acids and prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

Ideally suited for use in grease traps, buffer tanks, pumping stations and sewer lines which suffer from regular accumulation of FOG and odours. MicroCat®-BioPOP’s are developed for easy installation and removal using a rope or chain. MicroCat®-BioPOP’s are available in different sizes to accommodate different system dimensions and flow rates and have an life span of 1 to 3 months depending on flow rate, temperature and BioPOP size. MicroCat®-BioPOP’s dissolve slowly when submerged in water, releasing fat, oil and grease eating bacteria on a continuous basis which degrade FOG into CO2 and water.
MicroCat®-DNTRF is a concentrated microbial powder for industrial applications. Suitable for maintaining free flowing drains and grease traps in large commercial kitchens and food producing industries.
A concentrated liquid vegetal, enzymatic cleaner. Suitable for cleaning surfaces covered with FOG, e.g. grease trap walls, pumping stations but also for cleaning cooking hood filters in commercial kitchens.
A liquid microbial suspension for maintaining free flowing and odourless drains and traps in restaurant kitchens. Reduces FOG layers in grease traps. Suited for both manual as automatic dosing using a programmable peristaltic dosing pump.
For keeping intensively used drains from fast food restaurants, industrial kitchens of care institutions, meal services, etc.. free from clogging and foul odours.