CleanER™ zero-valent iron (ZVI) media delivers up to 100% greater surface area, reactivity, and longevity for your most circial in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) remediation project.

CleanER™ zero valent iron (ZVI)
CleanER. BettER. FastEREnvironmental Remediation

Höganäs Environment Solutions’ (HES) CleanER media is manufactured using leading-edge powder metallurgy technologies, which yield greater surface area and reactivity compared to traditional ZVI. Höganäs, the largest global manufacturer of iron powder, has been granted 1,000+ patents to manipulate the iron particle to create specialized products for a diverse array of industries. HES brings this technology to the soil and groundwater remediation sector with the CleanER product line. CleanER products range in sizes from 5 μm to 2,000 μm and are suitable for any remedial treatment scenario involving reductive chemistry.
Target Contaminants Application Method
  • Chlorinated and halogenated compounds (PCE, TCE, etc..)
  • Soil injection
  • Heavy metals: Selenium, chromium, lead, arsenic, etc.
  • Soil blending
  • Radionuclides
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)


CleanER products fall into the following categories:

Iron derived from a chemical electrolysis solution containing iron compounds, yielding the highest purity iron on the market.
Pure virgin iron produced from the combustion of iron ore and coke breeze with a greater than 98% purity
Iron produced by forcing a stream of molten metal through a water jet

Abiotic Beta Elimination
Designed to maximize β-elimination, CleanER ZVI limits the production of harmful daughter products from hydrogenolysis. Hydrogenolysis is the sequential replacement of chloride ions with hydrogen, forming compounds like cis-DCE and VC, which are more toxic and can be rate-limiting during degradation. In β-elimination, two chlorine atoms are replaced with a triple bond between the carbons, forming an acetylene group. Chlorinated acetylenes will undergo rapid degradation with ZVI to form harmless ethene or ethane. All CleanER products were designed to minimize the formation of toxic by-products.

CleanER product overview